metta bhavana

text video GOENKA  on YouTube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZQBWUkMm1I you

Best Vipassana Metta Meditation Music Goenka Chanting [40 Mins] (HD)


Relax to practice metta bhavavana for a few minutes practice metta bhavavana for a few minutes

May I be free

              free from all the anger,


                                     ill will,


May I generate  love and good will

                       peace and harmony

                       love and goodwill

                       peace and harmony


May all beings share my peace

                      share my harmony

                      share  my merits

                      share  my dhamma , dhamma, dhamma


May all beings be happy

                     be peaceful

                     be liberated , liberated , liberated

                     be happy,

                     be peaceful ,

                     be liberated,  liberated,  liberated








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