Metta Bhavana meditation by vipassana teacher S.N.Goenka Metta-Instructions for Practice

Metta-Instructions & Practice


at 18:50

May  I be free
            from all the angers
            ill will

May I develop love and goodwill
                     peace  and harmony
                     love and goodwill
                     peace and harmony

May all beings  share  my peace
                      share my harmony
                      share my merits
                      share my dhamma dhamma dhamma

May all beings  be happy
                      be peaceful
                      be liberated, liberated ,liberated.

(pali chanting for good vibration)

May I generate love , pure love, compassionate love.

(pali) 25:34

May all beings be happy , peaceful , liberated liberated  liberated.

 (pali chanting)

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